Keep your disposables to a minimum while keeping safe with our 3-Ply Waterproof Face Masks! Comes with a pocket where you can insert additional fabric for extra protection against the virus.


B. Manila masks are not only cute and fun, it serves a purpose!


FAQs about Fabric Masks :


1. Do fabric masks really keep the virus out?

The most important thing about masks is how they keep droplets from spreading from you and going to you. Our fabric masks use the following fabrics :

- 1st Outermost Layer - Waterproof Microfiber that is 95% waterproof, making sure that droplets do not go to you our spread out from you.

- 2nd Middle Layer - Cotton Fabric that is soft yet absorbent making sure that droplets from your mouth or nose stays and dries up there.

- 3rd Innermost Layer - Cotton faric same as the Middle layer, a soft feel that touches your face that is also a pocket open for fabric or tissue paper inserts for added protection.


2. Is it safe to use fabric masks?

Yes, it is. But you have to make sure that you find masks that will serve the purpose. Choose masks that are at least 80% Waterproof. For added protection, insert a filter.


3. How do you know if the your masks are waterproof?

 The easiest way to find out us by letting watter stay on the mask, if the water does    not seep through, then it is waterproof!